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In this regard, I think this is a good way of thinking, but based on the fact that the Indian tribes had their tribal courts, I believe that Native Americans should also have their own courts although they may be in conflict with the traditional American system.

The author of this post suggests that because the American Criminal Justice system is applied widely across the country,

it becomes a touchy issue to establish Native American court. However, the author believes that it is the right of Native Americans to have their own tribal court system, although it may make it more difficult for the American justice system. The author also backs his claim by using a quote from NADCP that there are conflicting values in America which we should all be aware of. I agree with the author that the differences between different communities indicate some level of maturity. In this regard, operating tribal court systems alongside the American justice system despite their conflicts shows some maturity in terms of appreciating American diversities (Nielsen & Silverman, 2009). This post makes me to understand that we all have our rights to uphold our traditions, and tribal courts are the best courts to uphold such


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