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 id:The id of the job 

AT arrival time: Arrival time of the job after start of simulation  

BT computime: Computation time (CPU Burst time)

A sample input file looks like this: 






What a code should be by using C for Unix programming for following outputs condition? A command for every command’s work. Also include known bugs, limitations and assumptions. 

In the default mode (i.e., without the -v flag),

sched -S <filename> for SJF-preemptive

0  51 

1  27 

2  39 

3  71  

for SJF -preemptive

At time 9, job 0 READY

At time 9, job 0 READY->RUNNING

At time 17, job 1 READY

At time 17, job 0 RUNNING->READY

At time 17, job 1 READY->RUNNING

At time 27, job 1 RUNNING->TERMINATED

At time 27, job 0 READY->RUNNING

At time 32, job 2 READY

At time 32, job 0 RUNNING->READY

At time 32, job 2 READY->RUNNING

At time 35, job 3 READY

At time 39, job 2 RUNNING->TERMINATED

At time 39, job 0 READY->RUNNING

At time 51, job 0 RUNNING->TERMINATED

At time 51, job 3 READY->RUNNING

At time 71, job 3 RUNNING->TERMINATED


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