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Topic 1:  The order of solos in this piece is:  Basie, Edison, Young, Basie, Morton, Basie.  Listen to the solos by trumpeter Edison and Young on tenor.  Provide the counter numbers of their solos.  Compare and contrast the solo styles, and describe them.  Try to include some detail.   Any guess as to why Young’s solo is so short?  Edison and Young are considered two of most influential soloists of the swing era.  In your own words, why were they so revered?  Why were they so influential?

Topic 2:  The melody of this piece begins after a short introduction at 00:05 and ends at 00:42.  What is the form of this melody?  How is it arranged? Describe which sections play during this segment.  How many bars does each section play?  This piece begins in the key of Db and then modulates to the F at the beginning of Basie’s solo at 01:24.  Try to sing the tonic note during the melody at the beginning of the piece.  Check this note with the virtual keyboard that can be found in Lesson 1 of the online lessons.  Is it a Db?   Then sing the new tonic at 1:24 and check with the keyboard.  Is it an F? Why do you think this piece modulates? How does a modulation make a piece or arrangement more interesting?  How does a modulation affect the listener?


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