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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses America, the cold war, Reagan and the state of the country.

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It has a number of financial issues, several wars, and a climate of partisan hostility in Washington, D.C. But for all its faults, it has many things going for it. It is still the world’s number one military superpower, in large part due to the work done by Reagan to build up these forces. Militarily, America is second to none. There is no credible enemy that America could not beat. Sadly, several of the problems faced by America today—in particular financial ones—are the products of leaders who have not listened to Reagan’s vision of economics. The current president has not done enough to tackle public sector unions, as President Reagan triumphantly did in the 1980s. These unions are bankrupting America. This is a serious problem that Reagan was able to solve twenty years ago, but which has come back for a new generation to solve. Ronald Reagan was one of the greatest presidents America has ever had. He did not solve every problem, but he put America back on its path to glory, after Jimmy Carter nearly derailed the whole process. Reagan was a modest and intelligent man who knew what was best for the United States.


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