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I only need help with g – i. I have attached what I came up with for the first several answers.

a.   Total fixed cost is $________

b.   Obtain the AFC function from (a) and write it here: _____________

c.   Obtain the AVC function contained in the STC function and write the AVC function here _________________________

d.   Indicate here the MC function _________________________

e.   Find the value which AFC approaches as Q gets very large. 

Also explain what this implies for fixed costs per unit (AFC) as production quantities get ever larger

f.     Find the value of Q at which AVC is a minimum.

g.  Is productive efficiency at the value in (f) greatest or least

h. Demonstrate that the value of SMC equals the value of AVC at the value of Q where AVC is a minimum. Hint: The level of Q you found in (f) is where AVC is a minimum. If you plug this level of Q into AVC (see c) and also into MC (see d) the two outcomes should be the same if SMC crosses AVC at this level of Q.

i.  Find the value of Q where increasing returns ceases and diminishing returns begins. Hint: Diminishing returns begins at the level of Q where MC is a minimum.


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