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Q1. COM 201 Week 8 Discussion

Power of Persuasion

Use what you’ve learned this week to respond to the following:

Define persuasion. What makes someone persuasive? Give an example from your personal or professional life and explain how it is relevant.

Explain how you can use persuasive speaking in your current or future career.

Finish this sentence: “The most important thing to know about being persuasive is…” Then comment on a classmate’s response.


Q2. SEC 420 Week 8 Discussion

1. “Phishing” Select one of the following and discuss in no less than three paragraphs and  

2.have at least one response “Any other topic related to Penetration techniques” only one paragraph.

· Research phishing schemes on the web. Find a recent scheme and summarize and discuss why it may have been successful. What are the red flags that one should look out for to avoid becoming a victim, and what should one do if one encounters such schemes?

· As a security manager what actions might you take to assure your company does not fall victim to phishing? Include any training or simulation/white hat hacking you might consider.


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