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“Illiad” names him the son of Zeus and Laodamia (the book VI). Sarpedon rises to the top in the attack of Achaean camp (book XII), perishes by hand of Patroclus. Glaucus was in the division of Sarpedon when the Trojans assaulted the Greek wall.

Sarpedon addresses to the friend Glaucus in the moment, when the force and enthusiasm of battling people is already on the wane. It is necessary to notice, that the basis of epic friendship is not feelings, but actions, the display of mutual support. Friends in Homeric works – Patroclus and Achilles, Glaucus and Sarpedon – are connected, first of all, by mutual military obligations. They battle side by side, live in one tent, share a table and a bed. In order to encourage the friend and to lift his morale Sarpedon uses some arguments.

First of all, he appeals to the feeling of a social duty. The matter is that the belonging to aristocracy imposes some personal obligations. Fruits of heroic honor – the glory – in antique society has not only spiritual, but also material value. It is an honor of possession of certain wealth. it is an honor and respect connected with a high social status.


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