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 16) Several of the element required to prove liability for a misleading proxy statement are the same as those needed to show liability under SEC Rule 10b-5 (T or F?)

17) A public traded firm registered under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and subject to the restriction thereof. Can nevertheless de-register by going private. (T or F?)

18) At a restaurant in Silicon Valley, you overhear two Facebook employees discussing how their company will soon launch a takeover bid for the Wall Street Journal. To cash in on this, you want to buy Dow Jones stock ( The WS Journal’s parent company). Since you hold no fiduciary relationship with either company, you believe you cannot be charged with insider trading. The reasoning in the Chiarella and Dirks cases supports your belief. (T or F?)

19) The financial Crimes Enforcement Net-work (FinCEN) combats money laundering, and is a subdivision of the

A) Department of Justice

B) Securities and Exchange Commission

C) Department of treasury

D) Internal Revenue Service

20) An employee is not provided whistleblower protection under Sarbanes-Oxley or Oxley or Dodd-Frank if a count finds his/her allegation were untrue-i.e., that the company was not guilty of securities fraud. (T or F?)


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