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Hi, need to submit a 500 words essay on the topic The Elements of Poetry.

Both the poets talks about their childhood experiences in a different mood. Sharon Olds Born was born in San Francisco on November 19, 1942, and she earned a BA at Stanford University and a PhD at Columbia University. Her poetry talks about life and acceptance and one of the reviewer for New York Times writes’ “Her work has a robust sensuality, a delight in the physical that is almost Whitmanesque. She has made the minutiae of a woman’s everyday life as valid a subject for poetry as the grand abstract themes that have preoccupied other poets” (Olds). Robert Hayden was born on August 4, 1913 and he was a celebrated American poet and an educator. The poems “Late Poem to My Father” by Sharon Olds and “Those Winter Sundays” by Robert Hayden portrays their childhood life and takes the readers on an emotional journey. Sharon Olds’ poem “Late Poem to My Father” illustrates the effect of a childhood trauma and how it can effect adulthood. The tone of the poem is sad and it evoke the traumatic childhood of her father. The narrator gives her childhood a voice and she experienced an epiphany in which she tries to understand her father’s abusive behavior and even forgive him for all the heartache.


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