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Question 1

5 pts

(TCO A) Double taxation is a drawback for which of the following types of business organization except?

S corporation

C corporation

Limited partnership

Limited liability company

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Question 2

5 pts

(TCO A) The one thing that makes a corporation different from the other forms of business ownership is

legally, the corporation is the same as its owners.

it requires all owners to share liability equally.

it is a legally defined entity, completely separate from its owners.

it protects small shareholders, allocating most of any liability to those who own more stock.

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Question 3

5 pts

(TCO B) Which of the following would cause the future value of an annuity to decrease?

Reducing the number of payments.

Increasing the number of payments.

Increasing the interest rate.

Decreasing the liquidity of the payments.

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Question 4

5 pts

(TCO B) Which of the following is an annuity due?

A typical car loan.

A typical mortgage.

A typical apartment rental agreement.

A credit card balance.


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