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Need an argumentative essay on The developments of salt glazed and alkaline glazed. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

These colors together with the introduction of the salt glaze produced an attractive and eye-appealing pieces of artwork that made them stand above most of their competitors. Moreover, their style of using the quirky incised decorations of fish and birds on their pottery. Together with revolutionizing of pottery to wider wares made them stand above everybody else in the industry at that time (Quimby & Ian).

Alkaline Glaze stoneware of Western Piedmont in the North Carolina is the most appealing among the other regions. Their potters were Daniel Seagle, Franklin and John Goodman, David Hartsoe, together with Ritchie and Reinhardt. They majored in making types of jugs of different sizes. They had modest farms and used clay that had a high percentage of iron and rutile that gave their wares the strength and attractive dark variegated appearance. In addition, they were among the few potteries that embraced slip painting and emblem decorations using different streaks of melted windowpane glasses. Furthermore, they were among the first potters to shift from the earth wares to stoneware, indicating their innovativeness (Quimby &


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