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Need an argumentative essay on The issue of nursing shortage. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Many of these aging nurses are moving to primary care setting. As a result, the healthcare institutions are in dire need for more nurses, especially those who give specialized care to the patients.

The number of complaints from nurses that they are working for long hours is an indication of the escalating problem of nursing shortage (Balogh-Robinson, L., 2012). In order to supplement for positions for those who have left the service, the existing nurses are working for long hours. Some healthcare sectors have set up incentives to motivate the nurses to work for extra hours. This is an indication that the demand for their services is increasing in order to cover for the shortage.

In order to address this shortage, the government should embark on a process of employing new nurses. There are very many nurses that are remains unemployed in the society. Therefore, for the government to close this gap and avoid putting too much pressure on the current nurses, it should employ new nurses and expand the training institutions for nurses in order to ensure that the nurses being released to the market meet the set requirements (Chapman & Utica College,


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