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choose a place that have to do with criminal justice

Write a profile essay of at least 500 words that describes a place of business that is meaningful for your field of study (criminal justice) and future career. examples : a law office or courtroom , lab 

The profile essay should focus on a place you would probably work after obtaining your degree. You will observe the place closely and then present what you have learned in a descriptive way that both informs and engages readers about your chosen career.

You may choose to visit an actual job site and possibly conduct an interview or take a tour, OR you may choose to visit a site virtually through online research of the place’s website. Whichever approach you choose, record your observations and make notes about the experience. This process should lead you to consider what you have learned about your field of study and prospective career and how the experience has helped you to prepare for your future career.

Your profile essay should include an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. You may use description and narration to make your essay vivid and engaging. Remember to use APA style to format your essay and to document any borrowed information, such as quoted material from a website.


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