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The story showed the fusion of the American and Mexican culture as the characters, who were of Mexican heritage tried to integrate themselves into the American society. The fact that story focuses on the issue of gender equality from a feminist perspective, the role of women in the society and cultural integration justifies the work as a culturally appropriate one and underlines its importance as a good cultural source for the American literature. It could be seen that Cisneros tried to draw reference from the American society that has women withdrawing themselves from the role that culture assigned to them and make attempt to attain a certain degree of independence. It also shows the extent at which women struggled against stereotypes and taboos that have a cultural undertone (Perkin &amp. Perkins 2038-2042). What you Pawn I will Redeem by Sherman Alexie shows the journey of the protagonist, Jackson, a Spokane Indian to repossess the powwow regalia of his grandmother. The cultural appropriateness of the Alexie’s work is evident from Jackson’s description of the oppression and violence which is common with indigenous America.


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