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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Environmental Scanning Assignment.

The problem affects the consumer since the consumer is no longer aware whether the apple products are original or copied from Samsung. Apple needs to have good expertise and prominent lawyers to defend this court case (Gershman, 2014 April 30).

The ongoing case has had a bad image to the clients of the business. In order to maintain the customer loyalty there should be proper measures put in place. These measures may include a campaign to convince the customers that they have the unique products and that Samsung is guilty of coping their product. Samsung has sued apple for coping two of its rights and is seeking seven million dollars as compensation. Apple is seeking compensation of 2.2 million dollars compensation from Samsung for coping six of their rights (Gershman, 2014 April 30).

In conclusion, this case does not have any benefits to the Apple Company. It has negative effects as the customers begin to doubt the credibility of the Apple products if by any chance they lose the case. The fall in profits is an indication of the negative impacts of the problem at hand. There is also the problem of embarrassment to the Apple Company when Samsung accuses them that they are not the


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