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ia’s affairs, and advertizing is recognized a part of the mass media, the opinion was created that advertizing is subject to more severe restrictions than other forms of a freedom of speech. In commercial advertising it is possible to select characters under the concept of advertizing. Usually they are very attractive, charming with a bright expression. Thus, advertizing draws attention, the impression is made, positive emotions are created. In political advertizing the situation in quite different- there are specific political leaders with their individual originality, they cant be replaced with anybody, it is not possible to change their appearance

The image of a political leader in political advertizing is urged to carry out the most important functions, because only a strong personality is capable to realize ideas, therefore, there are very strict requirements for political advertising. This advertising should not just make the needed impression. it should first of all inform people about the opportunities they can choose. And it is not advertising, but people, who should make choice for their future and for the future of the state (Ginsberg et


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