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Name and discuss the possible cause(s) of action that Florence’s family may be able to assert against Barnes and/or Black, if any. 

Willie Barnes owned beehives and kept the hives on property that he owned. Jack Black, who operated a honey business, contracted to purchase some beehives from Willie. Black employed another person, Florence Santos to help him pick up the beehives from Barnes’ property. Black provided Santos with with a protective suit to wear while picking up the beehives. Upon picking up the beehives both Barnes and Black were present along with Santos. Neither Barnes nor Black spoke with Santos about the danger of working with bees. After picking up the bees at the Barnes property, Santos and Black drove to a remote property also owned by Barnes to pick up some other beehives. Florence opened up the veil on her protective suit. After loading one beehive onto the truck, Florence started staggering and yelling for help. Florence sustained several bee stings, suffering anaphylactic shock reaction, and died before an ambulance could reach her. Florence’s husband and children sued both Barnes and Black.

What claim(s) may Forence’s family have against Barnes? Against Black? Are there any defenses that either can use to rebut the Family’s claim(s)?


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