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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Summaries.

s, the Canada natives argue that people settled in northern America due to a land bridge created by water being blocked by glaciers, which led to the increase in the level of ocean later forcing them to migrate to higher grounds. The land bridge thus formed the first settlement area for these people.

Archaeology suggests that the people of Canada practiced the marine culture. These people moved to the north during spring and summer to obtain certain resources and then they would return South during winter (Nelson, 2006). These people came to settle in the North, along the coast due to the warm climate, and they started families, thus increasing their numbers.

The Shield Culture is believed to have originated from the Plano culture. This culture brought together many bands of communities together (Nelson, 2006). This led to intermarriages between these different bands.

It is clear from the discussion above that the origin of groups of people was dependent on their social activities. These include the Shield Culture, and their economic activities such as hunting and nomadism. In addition, they were determined by natural calamities like the floods. Different groups practiced various activities as


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