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Exercise D

For each of the problems you need to: 1) Identify and name the fallacy, 2) Briefly explain (2 to 3 full sentences) why it is a fallacy.

2. “Could you give us your explanation of what the causal link is between pornography and incest?” Senator Henry Hudson asked Dr. Dana LaFrance, a witness at yesterday’s Senate hearing in Washington’s Old Senate Office Building

4. Tax policies can favor either those who invest their money or those who spend everything they get. But those who invest create jobs for others, and that’s why our tax laws should give them the biggest break.

6. Why do so many people want to become friends with me? Is it because I’m more intelligent than others around here? Or do I have some natural leadership qualities?

10. A 2003 poll by the Gallup Organization shows that 48 per- cent of Americans accept creationism, while only 28 percent accept evolution. (The remainder are either unsure or tend toward creationism.) This means, according to Gallup, that almost twice as many people believe in the Devil (68 percent) as believe in evolution. This is some of the strongest non- religious evidence favoring creationism that science has produced.

12. Downloading music from the Internet is stealing. Period. End of story.


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