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In response to the negative statements made by the Consumers Concerned About Cereal Cheaters (CCACC) in the Chapter 7 Web Case, Oxford Cereals recently conducted an experiment concerning cereal packaging. The company claims that the results of the experiment refute the CCACC allegations that Oxford Cereals has been cheating consumers by packaging cereals at less than labeled weights. Using a Web browser, open the Web page for the Chapter 9 Web Case or open OC_FullUp.htm if you have downloaded the Web Case files to review the Oxford Cereals press release and supporting documents that describe the experiment. Then answer the following questions: Are the results of the experiment valid? Why or why not? If you were conducting the experiment, is there anything you would change? Do the results support the claim that Oxford Cereals is not cheating its customers? Is the claim of the Oxford Cereals CEO that many cereal boxes contain more than 368 grams surprising? Is it true?Could there ever be a circumstance in which the results of the Oxford Cereals experiment and the CCACC’S results are both correct? Explain.



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