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APA style, a minimum of 1,500 words (total assignment) and four scholarly sources, please list resources and use in-text citations.

Please use attached reading

Please Do not use dictionaries or encyclopedias

1.Write two to three well-written paragraphs on the main rural or agricultural concerns in your area, or in an area adjacent to, or relevant to, your urban area, if you live or work in an urban area.

2.Write two to three well-written paragraphs on why you think that criminal activity issues in rural areas have been neglected in research and practice. Do not just mimic the assigned articles. Instead, project your own opinions and thoughts, and justify them.

3. What are some of the reasons why the study of agricultural crime is so important?

4.Little research on crime in public housing exists, why? Car window sociology? Lack of interest because it doesn’t directly affect white suburbanites, a population from which the majority of criminal justice professors are drawn?

5.  Can “defensible space” work for would-be offenders as well as for those avoiding or attempting to thwart criminal activity? Why or why not?

6. Why do you think that police perceptions of hot spots did not match ‘actual’ hot spot locales?  


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