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Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Promotion and Education.

he product’s cheaper rates in comparison to roaming devices as well as the fact that the device can be used for personal use, unlike most sources of wifi internet connections. Promotion will be done through use of a specifically designed promotional program. Marketing communication will be done prior to the launching of the product and after the product enters the market to ensure that customers are continuously reminded about it. The means of communication will be advertisements carried out on both social media and print media.

Considering Inter-Fi will be a new product and in order to ensure there is fast spread of information about its presence in the market, a customer referral incentive program will be used to promote the product. Under the promotional program, current customers will earn discounts, free products as well as cash rewards depending on the number of new customers they refer to Vodafone retail stores for purchase of the product (Kumar 2008, p.234). Customers wishing to use the product will choose between buying the gadget at Vodafone retail stores and renting it from the same stores. Customers will also be able to purchase the gadget on hire purchase terms with an initial deposit of $100


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