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You telephoned a supplier on November 6 th (that you have done verbal business with in the past) and verbally agreed to a price and quantity for a standard electronics part. The two of you agreed that the supplier would sell you 100 units at a price of $20/unit with delivery scheduled for November 14, 2018. November 14th passes and you have not received the goods. An email follow-up the supplier reveals that the supplier has no recollection of the conversation, but would be happy to sell them to you at $40/unit on a written purchase order. You check your company’s telecom system and see a phone call to that supplier on November 6th . The MOST LIKELY outcome of this situation under the terms of the Uniform Commercial Code would be which of the following?

(A) There is no contract as it is a verbal agreement and it is not clear if the previous dealings were verbal or in writing.

(B) There is a contract as we have done business in the past and it doesn’t matter if it was in writing or not.

(C) A contract exists since there was an offer and an acceptance and the parties had previously done business together.

(D) There is no contract since the seller and buyer did not agree to the other terms of the deal such as payment terms, transportation, warranties etc.


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