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Leaders and Leadership

Everyone has their own perspective of what leadership is, who leaders are, and what leaders do.

Begin this assignment by taking a few minutes to write down some of your ideas about leaders and leadership.

Next, ask at least two people that you know (preferably people who are in significant leadership positions) to give you their definition of leadership and to describe their personal beliefs about leadership.

Then, conduct some research on the definition of leadership using the South University Online Library. Locate a peer reviewed definition of leadership and include a brief analysis of the key components of the definition. How did completing the questionnaire, interviews, and research confirm or challenge your personal leadership perspective? What did you add to your initial perspective? What did you delete from your initial perspective?

Compose an essay that summarizes your initial leadership perspective and describes the changes to your initial perspective that occurred after completing the questionnaire, interviews, and research. Do a essay by briefly discussing whether you believe leadership is something anyone can learn to do or whether it is a natural ability that only a few can do


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