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A hollow cross-section tube is used as a shaft connects to two gears (at B and C) and is supported by two frictionless bearings at points A and D. These bearing allow non-zero deflection slopes along the X-axis. The gears contact other gears (not shown) and have resulting tooth forces FB and FC parallel to the Y and Z axes, respectively. The shaft is “stalled” and hence is not rotating and not accelerating. The tube has an outside diameter Do , and inside diameter Di . Gear radii “R” are meant to be from the shaft centerline to the

gear tooth contact point. Your assigned loads and dimensions are listed in the tables on page 2. Note these loads are listed as “-” if acting in the direction of the force vector as shown below.  b.Please determine the state of stress values at points H and M at the Cut-Plane cross section. Point H is on the outside surface of the tube and point M is on the inside surface. Then show appropriate stress arrows and stress values on the plane-stress elements shown below. Also, indicate the positive coordinate directions (x, z) or (x, y) on your state of stress diagrams. 

L_AB= 200 mm







Force_c=-1700 N

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