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Draft of personal reflection essay:

Essay must have a title



consist of 1.5

2 pages

(this page count does not include reference page at the end)

Single spaced using 12pt Times New Roman or 



These pages must include several substantial, thoughtful, an

d well

organized paragraphs directly 

addressing the content instructions posted on canvas 

There should be a clear introduction and conclusion

Must include direct reference to at least 4 readings used in discussion board

May include reference to materials 

used in blog assignments

May include references to readings and materials found outside of 



Ideas, paraphrasing, and quotation from readings and materials must be cited completely and properly 

according to APA style (otherwise it is plagiarism)


Directions for citing in APA style can be found on Canvas under Course Resources


Must use in text citations in your paragraphs 


Must include reference section at the end with full citations of all readings used in personal 

reflection essay


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