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Write 1 page essay on the topic Response to at least 3 student’s postings with 2 references each.

Nancy’s post compares democracies in the United States and in Australia, identifying similarity in their governmental structures and administrative organization into states. It however identifies the Australian system as a constitutional monarch and the United States’ as a federal republic.

I agree with Nancy’s post on federalism and people’s sovereignty in the American system as entrenched in the nation’s constitution (Wilson, Diiul

io and Bose, 2012). Similarly, the writer’s idea of federalism and monarchy in Australia is valid (Robbers, 2006).

Alfred explores Panama’s government system with the aim of demonstrating its level of democracy. The post further discusses similarities and differences between the system and the United States’ such as similar branches of government and roles of presidents. It however reflects differences in the nation’s legislature.

I agree with Alfred’s post on the American bicameral legislative system (Wilson, 2011). The writer’s post on panama’s reliance on United States policies is also supported by the American historical involvement in Panama’s governance that indicates a significant degree of democracy in Panama (Harding,


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