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Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Disaster Recovery Plan.

The group is also responsible for the overall direction, decision-making, and approvals required in implementation of Business Continuity Plan in the event of disasters. Following are the member of incident Management Group (Kadlec & Shropshire, 2010)

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) shall be responsible for the maintenance & compliance of disaster prevention measures and response in case of a disaster. The ERT shall comprise people from the Administration Department, which will be led by the Head of Department.

Recovery Participants (RP) shall actively participate in the activities of resumption of critical business functions of their department. Below are the key responsibilities of an RPs of every department:

Non-Recovery Participants (NRPs) shall be used only in case of emergency or as resumption progresses as the Backup Site or Primary Site. They will coordinate with the RPs and wait for their instructions. Below are responsibilities of an NRP of every department:

Guster, D., McCann, B., Krzenski, K., & Lee, O. F. (2008). A cost effective, safe, and simple method to provide a disaster recovery plan to small and medium sized businesses. Review of Business Research, 8(4),


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