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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on From Tolerance to Acceptance: An Analysis of Neil Bissoondaths No Place Like Home. It needs to be at least 500 words.

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By citing examples of his 6-year old daughter, warring legislators, a famous/disgraced Olympic athlete, a grade school teacher, and himself, he appeals to a wide range of people who can identify with his message and elicits from them a personal reaction. How is it possible that the Canada we know that has welcomed millions of immigrants through the years is not a melting pot but, rather, a mosaic How is it possible that Canada, which looks like a haven of peace, is a boiling cauldron of social discontent And most paradoxical of all, how can an immigrant who benefited from the law call it a failure

The author uses in his essay almost all the available techniques of argument to prove his point. The title itself is charged with meaning and pathos, an appeal to fellow Canadians coming from someone who is secure enough in his personal heritage to present himself as a model of the integrated immigrant he wants everyone to be. The title is also full of irony, because he uses an expression – normally a sigh of relief – to write a tense essay vibrating with sense of urgency.


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