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Need an argumentative essay on What do u think about Blake as a self proclaimed visionary prophet Take the answer from the book I downloaded. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

ould rather write on themes and topics that sound prophetic because they give predictions of what the future consequences of man would be if certain practices are not stopped. In the “Auguries of Innocence” for instance, the writer warns of what the consequences would be if society did not stop using chimneysweepers and harlots, which he predicted would destroy the future. Indeed, the writer considered that efficiency should not be the key word because man’s attempts on productivity only destroy the nature of God (Perkins, n.d). Considering practices of efficiency for the promotion of productivity, which were mentioned in the “Auguries of Innocence”, most of them have today left dying consequences of society. Some of the consequences are deforestation and global warming. Considering that Blake made projections about the future and that most of these projections were not only reflected in his book but have come to fruition, it is not surprising that the writer claims to be a prophet because most of the thematic and topical issues he pointed out in his poems and writings became realities in the long


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