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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses English Class.

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The plot displays the equipments to reduce the strength and intellectual power as well as thinking abilities. It is unfair to torture any individual for the capabilities and talents. It is an act that is based on equality at the cost of humane. Courage was shown by Harrison to defy the regulations of equality, he emerged as a hero who could manage to run away from prison to challenge the government and removed all the obstructions and declared himself to be an emperor. This heroic deed is worth appreciating as it represents the right of human survival and existence. Every individual has right to lead a life the way he/ she wants and this is displayed by Harrison. The plot has some correlation with the current world, the state of affairs of Libya. The ruler is inhumane and there is no place for emotions and sacrifice in front of the dictatorship. The plot very well tried to depict the victory of courage but with a sacrifice and soon people forgot what had happened and they have to abide by the rules and obey as commanded. In the present world where disparities exists in almost every field of human endeavor, people are becoming ruthless to be competent enough and to reach high in life.


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