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Choose the correct sentence.

a. Send an email to Craig and me when you finish the project.

b. Send an email to Craig and I when you finish the project.

c. Us girls were disappointed with our performance at last night’s basketball game.

d. Between you and I, this course is more challenging than I thought it would be.

Choose the correct pronoun.

We thought it was ________ ________ should go.

a. him/who

b. he/who

c. he/whom

d. him/whom

The owners ________ are actually going to renovate the property.

a. theirself

b. themselves

c. theirselves

d. themselfs

Choose the correct pronoun to fit the context of the sentence.

The teenagers in the neighborhood had stockpiles of fireworks. Unfortunately, not everyone

cares for ________ safety.

a. her

b. his or her

c. his

d. there

The Boy Scout leader announced a camping trip after everyone earns ________ merit badge.

a. his

b. his or her

c. their

d. there

________ from your office left ________ keys at the reception desk.

a. Some one, their

b. Some one, his or her

c. Someone, their

d. Some one, his

e. Someone, his or her 


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