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Please answer the following question showing all necessary work for Finite Math.

3. Jen and Barry then asked the survey respondents “How many salad bags would you buy aweek?” Results are as shown below. Which histogram below accurately re?ects the surveyresponse frequency distribution most likely described as standard normal ? 200150100 50 300 200 100 HISTOGRAM A HISTOGRAM B 3. I-HSTOGRAM C200 15010050 HISTOGRAM D400 300200100 4. — S. Jen and Barry are convinced the market survey results tell them to go into the “fresh saladbag” business. They analyze labor cost per production shift. Two tasks are required for eachshift: salad sorter and salad washer. Assembling salad bags requires 12 labor-hours by saladsorters and 24 labor-hours by salad washers. Packing salad bags requires 18 labor-hours bysorters and 3 labor-hours by washers. Minimum labor-hours needed per shift is 144 forassembling and 51 for packing. Cost per labor-hour is $18 for sorters and $22 for washers. Letx represent number of sorters hired per shift and y represent number of washers hired per shift. 4. Identify the labor-hour constraint for assembling salad bags: A. 18x + By 2 144B. 12x + 24y s 144 5. State the objective function. A. C=18x+22yB. C=18x+3y CD 4.. 18): + 22y S 144. 122: + 24y 2 1445.C = 12x + 24yC = 144x + 51y


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