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The opposing alternative hypotheses are that the predicting variables are correlated with IBI time, displayed by slopes not equal to zero that can be positive or negative.

2. A multiple regression analysis with this design would provide information about the relationships between the IBI time and each of the three predictors. The technique will result in the construction of an equation that describes the associations as a straight line on a graph. The equation will contain three slope values that represent the correlation scores between IBI time and the associated independent variables, as well as the Y-intercept found when the sum of Xs is zero. The equation will allow the Y variable to be found that is associated with all possible combinations of X value by placing those measurements into the associated spots. The equation can also be standardized using Z-values to describe the relationship in terms of standard variance deviations. This information is important to the research because it will provide measurements of the strength and direction (positive or negative) of correlations between the dependent variable and three independent


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