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Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Nursing assessment: Nursing Tools and Strategies to Assess Cognition and Confusion.

Overall, the article encompasses all the features of assessment of cognition impairment and confusion. Introduction The article under review has been authored by Thomas Aird and Michelle McIntosh published in 2004 by the British Journal of Nursing in volume 13, issue 10, pages 621-625. The article is an authentic literature in that it is resulting from the combined wisdom of an academician from London South Bank University and practical experience of a senior staff nurse from The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, London (Aird &amp. Mclintosh, 2004 ). The article differentiates between cognitive impairment and confusion. It states that nurses in the hospitals tend to label cases as “appears confused “and that “confusion” often results from physical impairment mostly aggravated by cognitive impairment. Stressing the importance of observational skills for the nurses, the authors quote Florence Nightingale’s exhortation that nurses should develop observational skills including taking notes, as early as in 1860. The article is a literature review on the nursing tools and strategies for assessment of cognition (cognitive impairment) and confusion.


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