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Write a 1 page essay on Compare and contrast US health system.

The Canadian system offers universal access to health care for all its citizens while the American System offers health care to only 75% health insurance to its citizens (ONeill & ONeill, 2008). As opposed to Canada, United States has no single health care system across the nation. Health insurance is offered by private organizations and the government.

The United States health care system has varied production techniques as opposed to the Canadian system. The government, NGOs and for-profit companies play a key function in the health care markets. The hospital industry in United States is dominated by the not-for-profit organizations as opposed to Canada, which is entirely dominated by government owned (ONeill & ONeill, 2008). Notably, NGOs control almost 75% of hospital beds. Additionally, for-profit organizations control the 70% of nursing homes in United States (ONeill & ONeill, 2008).

Unlike in Canada, the reimbursement process in United States is multifaceted with numerous third parties comprising of the federal and state governments, party payers and for-profit health insurance organizations. The most common reimbursement is fee-for-service and the prepaid health insurance (ONeill & ONeill,


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