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. The Largo Publishing House uses 400 printers and 200 printing presses, presumably along with other inputs, to produce books. A printer’s wage is $20/day and the cost of using a printing press is $5,000/day. The last printer hired added 20 books to total output, i.e., the marginal product corresponding to the amount of printers used is 20, and the last printing press added 1,000 books to total output, i.e, the marginal product corresponding to the amount of printing presses employed is 1,0000.1. Is the publishing house using the optimal amount of these two inputs? [Hint: To answer this question it is necessary to determine if the MP/$ equilibrium condition is being satisfied.]2. If the Largo Publishing House isn’t using the optimal amount of these two inputs, how should it adjust its input usage – use more printers, less printing presses, or more printing presses and less printers, or more of both, or less of both, or do nothing? Explain.B. Gamma Corporation, a firm that retains you as a financial analyst, is considering buying out Beta Corporation, a small manufacturing firm that is barely operating at a profit. You recommend the buyout because you believe that new management could substantially reduce production costs, and thereby increase profits. You collect the following information:


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