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Whereas I have always taken it as a family or religious obligation, it has never occurred to me that I was working for powerful masters. It is evident from the reading that definition of work can be as many as the people we have in the world. Although some obligations seem as voluntary, they actually qualify as work. For instance, church volunteer ship does not seem like work at first glance. However, the same qualifies as work although there may be lack of direct benefits. This makes us questions some of the things we do in life. For instance, is service to God work?

Clergymen and other church leaders are paid for work although they are actually serving God. On the other hand, church members volunteer their service to God without pay. It may be confusing when we seek to determine who, among volunteers or clergymen, actually works. Despite many definitions of work, many questions arise when volunteer ship comes into play. It makes us question whether people such as mother Teresa were actually working or volunteering service. Further, we would be interested to deconstruct whether they were working for God or for the people. Work is an interesting concept and understanding of underlying ideas needs to be


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