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Write 2 page essay on the topic Euthanasia.

From one perspective many people believe vehemently in only one side of the argument or the other. According to an article written by the Telegraph (2010) it is the case that the BBC has been accused of ‘promoting’ euthanasia insofar as the organization highlighted Sir Terry Pratchett’s speech regarding assisted suicide by using dramatic effects and allegedly ignored the rights of disabled individuals. Although these allegations have not resulted in any significant legal action it the article did indicate that at least in the British context a poll indicated that people’s opinions are split evenly on the matter. On the second section of this paper some examples of how this issue can be complicated will be highlighted. For example, Butler (2010) writing for the New York Times indicated that decisions made earlier in the care. The article made reference to the father of the author suffering a serious stroke at the age of 79. After developing a serious and painful heart condition the individual had a pacemaker installed because of a desire of his wife to see her husband relieved of his pain. Fast forward five years the father is bedridden with dementia and is kept alive only with the aide of a pacemaker that is expected to last another five years.


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