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An ETHICAL issue is prensent very often…..using ethics…laws for think this example…Angelica…Diaz…is originally from Guatemala. She recently became a U.S. citizen but speaks very little English. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has just begun a National Electronic Health Record system (NEHRS). Angelica learned about the NEHRS from her sister, who came to America 10 years ago and speaks fluent English.Angelica has been having a lot of pain in her pelvic area, so much so that she has not been able to work for over a week. Her sister finally convinces her to go to a family physician, Dr. Reynolds.There is a problem: Angelica engaged in…prostitution…when she first came to this country and..was…arrested. Fearing further humiliation, she does not tell her doctor that she has..gonorrhea. She is afraid that she will suffer prejudice if others know, believing that too many people may be able to view her EMR. Dr. Reynolds asks…Angelica a series of…questions, but she is vague in her…answersWhat…are..the possible ethical implications in this case…what..consequences..could not being honest with the physician have on her health….What….strategies could the NEHRS put in place to help prevent these kinds…of….problems…for…the…benefit…of… the…patient…


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