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Suppose, a very few companies produce high-quality goods and services and they attract only with prices and image of their brand achieved by the successful marketing strategies advertising the company and its production from the most favorable sides. The firm, which has attracted the biggest number of customers can be called the leader is the competition and the leading company dictates the further development of products, new means and ways of advertising and broadening of the choice of production and finally it dictates the pricing policy in its sector.

1- Take the example of any two companies which can be called the leading ones, but still they compete between each other for the first position. Give a short profile of these companies

  1. 2- If you are the manager of one of these companies, what pricing policy do you adopt to be in the first position?

3- When the whole sector of the market is occupied by the little number of big corporations who share the leadership. What do you think the market structure is this? Explain in details the benefit of this market.

Running head: MULTINATONAL ORGANIZATION Multinational OrganizationNameInstitution 1 MULTINATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS 2 Multinational Organizations1.1 Nike is involved in design, development, selling,…


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