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But, the site can only be as good as the vendors allow, if they do not have a suitable demo and papers on the site then the site is simply wasting time. Some vendors appear to want the manager looking at their own site which is OK if the manager knows they exist, I can imagine many managers would not have a clue though. Which is why there is a need for the comparison site and a re-think by vendors who do not allow people to see anything useful.

The vendors who do have demos on the site vary. again I found it difficult to get a good comparison between SAP and Epicor for example. They both have demos but they were very different. The SAP site showed costs and ideas of the software but not a single screenshot of it in action. Epicor had a great demo which I think all the vendors should follow, it gave me a good idea of the software and how it works and I know I can contact them for more information and costs. So if they all did this then the comparison web site would be very useful to managers of a company and should help sales of the vendor’s products. The main complaint I have about the comparison web site itself is the number of times I had to register my details. The Hotmail account is loading with sales stuff which would irritate me as a busy


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