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Write a 1 page essay on Restorative Justice.

ative justice works as a crime prevention tool because any crime cannot be observed out of social context and community justice has a constructive influence on the offender. According to Dignan (2005), restorative justice as an effective tool of crime prevention allows to ‘govern the future’, instead of only thinking about mistakes of the past.

The benefits of Restorative Justice to the Community are the following: restorative justice allows the Community to be involved into the process of justice, defining crime not only as lawbreaking, but also as harming to different kinds of victims. restorative justice involves different parties into the process and the problem of crime become not only the problem of the government, but also the problem of the community. restorative justice defines success differently and it allows to understand and satisfy victims’ needs end offenders’ responsibilities in a full degree.

Thinking about the benefits of restorative justice to the Offender it becomes understandable that offenders returning to the community after the term of their punishment have a possibility to be successfully reintegrated to their communities and families, and continue normal life, instead of being out of the community for the whole


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