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Using the data below, forecast the June 30, 2011, income statement and balance sheet for Procter & Gamble. Use the percent of sales method and the following assumptions: (1) Sales in FY 2011 will be $81,000; (2) The tax rate will be 27.26%; (3) Each item that changes with sales will be the five-year average percentage of sales; (4) The preferred dividend will be 219; and (5) The common dividend payout ratio will be 42% of income available to common stockholders.

What is the discretionary financing needed in 2011? Is this a surplus or deficit?

b. Assume that the DFN will be absorbed by long-term debt and that the total

interest rate is 4.50% of LTD. Set up an iterative worksheet to eliminate it

c.Create a chart of cash vs. sales and add a linear trend line. Is the cash balance a consistent percentage of sales? Does the relationship fit your expectations?

d. Use the regression tool to verify your results from part c. Is the trend statistically significant? Use at least three methods to show why or why not.

e. Turn off iteration, and use the Scenario Manager to set up three scenarios: 1) Best Case — Sales are 5% higher than expected. 2) Base Case — Sales are exactly as expected. 3) Worst Case — Sales are 5% less than expected. What is the DFN under each scenario?


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