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can you please show step by step on how to do # 19 thanks

17) Two 10 kg masses are floating in space. The masses are 1 m ais the gravitational force between the two masses?Feb M,MZ-11 x10 6 x10 -618) What is the acceleration due to gravity on a planet with a mass of 1×1020 kand a radius of 2.58×104 m?J=6 mG . 6 7×10 " X IX(0Jo -oz m/s(7-SYKlot)Two objects are placed along a massless pole balanced on a pivot. Thefirst object is 3 m to the left of the pivot. The second object is 9 m to theright of the pivot. If the normal force from the pivot to the pole is 100 N,what are the weights of the two object?


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