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  1. ? Determine the direction of the hypothesis test (one-sided left, one-sided right, bidirectional)? Determine the test statistic (z* or t*) and the p-value for each of the following situations and? Determine if they would cause the rejection of the null hypothesis if the confidence level was setat 95% in each case. (Hint: be wary of the sample size) [2 points each]:a) Ho: ? = 50 mL, Ha: ? ? 50 mL, sample mean = 48.1 mL, sample standard deviation = 5, n = 40b) Ho: ? ? 8.4 m3, Ha: ? > 8.4 m3, sample mean = 10 m3, s = 3.5, n = 25c) Ho: ? ? 20oC, Ha: ? 46 units, sample mean = 50 units, s = 9.5, n = 41


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